The history, lyrics and meaning of Slovakia’s rousing national anthem

4 June 2021, 17:03

The historical past and which means of Slovakia’s nationwide anthem, and the way the lyrics translate to English. Image: Getty / IMSLP

By means of Sian Moore

Slovakia’s anthem sings of a deadly hurricane over the Tatras mountains, and the Slovaks’ hope to calm the upcoming danger.

The rousing national anthem of Slovakia, ‘Nad Tatrou sa blýska’, actually interprets to ‘Lightning over the Tatras’.

Poet and activist Janko Matúška penned the protest lyrics in 1844, when he used to be only a pupil, in response to the removing of his trainer Ľudovít Štúr from his function by way of the Lutheran Church.

The anthemic melody comes from the people music ‘Kopala studienku’.

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As soon as an anthem for Czechoslovakia

‘Nad Tatrou sa blýska’ used to be one in all Czechoslovakia’s twin national anthems, and used to be historically performed at midday in Slovak cities, till the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

When Slovakia won independence from Czechoslovakia in 1993, some other stanza used to be added to set the music aside as a brand new national anthem for a brand new nation.

What are the lyrics to Slovakia’s nationwide anthem in English?

There’s lightning over the Tatras,
thunderclaps wildly beat.
Allow us to forestall them, brothers,
for all that, they’re going to disappear,
the Slovaks will revive.

That Slovakia of ours
has been rapid asleep up to now,
however the thunder’s lightning
is rousing it
to come back to.

What are the lyrics to Slovakia’s nationwide anthem?

Nad Tatrou sa blýska,
hromy divo bijú.
Zastavme ich, bratia,
veď sa ony stratia,
Slováci ožijú.

To Slovensko naše
posiaľ tvrdo spalo,
ale blesky hromu
vzbudzujú ho ok tomu,
aby sa prebralo.